Karl Dawson

Karl DawsonOne of only 28 Emotional Freedom Techniques Masters worldwide, Karl has worked at the forefront of the energy psychology movement and is a pioneer in his field and teaches many other on his EFT courses.

Karl was originally inspired to learn EFT for his own physical and emotional health, which has since transformed dramatically. He has also been instrumental in the transformation of countless others through one to one sessions, EFT courses and Practitioner trainings, and his own specialty course: Emotional Freedom Techniques for Serious Disease.

Having trained over 3000 practitioners, the success of Karl’s EFT courses has been attributed to his honest and down-to-earth approach, his extensive knowledge in his field and his passion for sharing these incredible techniques.

The emergence of Matrix Reimprinting

Over the past few years Karl’s extensive work in his field has led him to create a revolutionary new technique which is a major advancement on the original Emotional Freedom Techniques protocol. He has called his new technique Matrix Reimprinting, and it is taking the world of energy psychology by storm. Based on the principles of quantum physics, the technique allows you to release the intensity around any past situation, with incredible speed and ease.

Transforming the relationship to the past using the Matrix Reimprinting technique creates an unparalleled difference in health and well being in the present moment. Results have included the resolution of long-term health conditions such as CFS/ME, bipolar affective disorder, stress, OCD, anxiety, depression, asthma and eczema; resolving the grief around the loss of loved ones; and transformation of feelings around severe abuse cases, to name but a few.

Karl’s books

Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT: Rewrite Your Past, Transform Your Future - (Hay House UK)
Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life: EFT Tapping Using Matrix Reimprinting - (Hay House UK)